New steering knuckles for a 1.8t conversion

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New steering knuckles for a 1.8t conversion

Post by daveyheats »

Hi all,
Looking for some help on buying some replacement steering knuckles for my MK2, as the ones that came with the car were toast.
The car is currently an empty shell going through restoration, but the plan is to get a 1.8t in there.

My question is, what steering knuckles do I need with this planned engine swap?

The only new ones I can seem to find online to buy are for the MK1, replacements for OE part numbers 171407256B, 171615311, 171498625D, 175407615 like these:

Will these be OK with a 1.8t going in?

Thanks for any help!


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Re: New steering knuckles for a 1.8t conversion

Post by Village Idiots »

These are the right ones for your car. All Mk1 and Mk2 Sciroccos were built on the same A1 floor plan, as used on Mk1 Golfs. Mk2 Golfs are quite different. It's when you come to drive shafts you need to make sure they are correct to mate up with the outputs on your gearbox. Sounds like an exciting future for the old girl!