steering rack adjuster

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steering rack adjuster

Post by EDDIE-F »

Has anyone ever used the adjuster on the rack. what the benefit or pitfalls of touching it? Despite setting all the camber toe out and all new components. My car feels perfectly fine but not sporty. my MK2 GT still feels like you need to turn the wheel a lot to change direction .

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Re: steering rack adjuster

Post by GT_II »

When you say you need to turn the wheel a lot to change direction, do you mean there is free play, ie when you turn the steering wheel a bit there is no change in direction? This could be play in any of the steering components, ie steering column, steering rack, rack mounts, tie rod ends. The rack adjuster is designed to take up slack in the steering gear, so if there is free play in the rack gear due to wear, you may well be able to reduce this with the adjuster.

However, if you are talking about the number of turns lock to lock, that is due to low gearing - to reduce the steering effort required due to the lack of power steering.

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Re: steering rack adjuster

Post by essextom »

Try a smaller steering wheel, it'll feel a bit more sporty.