Brake Pipe Overhaul

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Brake Pipe Overhaul

Post by whiteshark »

I'm getting the floor of my scirocco sorted as there were two small holes at the front. My brake pipes on inspection where like a patchwork quilt of joints. As they have been removed I'm going to replace them all.
It has been a very long time since I have been near a brake line so I need a bit of help with sizes and nuts.
Any advice welcome.
I'm going to go for Cupro Nickel. Is size 3/16 correct. What total length is required. I have a 16v engine installed and I've also converted the rears to disc.
Metric Brake pipe nuts How many male and female are required and what size, 10 x 1 mm ? Long or short. I will add a few extra to the list as I know from previous experience that I will flare but I will forget to have put on the nut before flaring.
Bleed Nipples M10 x 1 correct?
Any recommendations for a pipe cutting tool or pipe bender and straightener welcome.
I do have a pipe cutting tool but I used this for plumbing jobs around the house, I take it I have to buy something more suitable for brake pipes.
All advice welcome.

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james butler
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Re: Brake Pipe Overhaul

Post by james butler »

yup 3/16 is correct and plenty of 10x1 male and female will be required (couldnt tell you how many)
the cupro nickel comes on a roll of 25feet i think, i bought the last lot from someone on ebay
be warned though its no where near as flexible as the copper so get a decent small bore pipe bender!
as for brake flare tools get one of these ... 6aUGAAAAAA , you wont regret it!
also copper grease the back of the pipe flares before tightening up the brake pipe nuts as it will help prevent corrosion
when tightening DONT over do them as it will crush the flare and wont seal properly which is worse then under tightening and only needing nipping up!

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