Ultimate Dubs 2020

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Ultimate Dubs 2020

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Quick report:

Was at the UD meet last week in Telford, together with 3 other Rocco-ers. Drooled over MrMender's total-resto Mk1 Storm Rocco for the first time, what a beaut. Slightly wrong show to break out this car for the season and after the long resto, but wihtin our SR community there was muchos admiration :ok:

We had a good time together, Saturday afternoon and evening fun, food and drinks, good Rocco chat.

Sunday was the main show day: Some nice cars, see pics below, but unfortunately we were right opposite a bass-speaker demo stand, and at one point MrMender measured 95 dB on his mobile from our stand. Wasn't that bad last year IIRC :dunno: .



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Re: Ultimate Dubs 2020

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Great pics Eric. That Audi coupe was a thing of a beauty - easily the best in show.