ICE - OEM Speakers

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ICE - OEM Speakers

Post by RussGLAuto »

Evening gents,

It's been some time since posting. Life getting in the way of all things Rocco!

That said, it hasn't stopped me browsing the E-bay listings recently. As you may remember, I fitted GLAdis with an original Balupunkt London MR21 auto reverse cassette radio connected to the original speakers which were never used since build.

However, anything other than medium quiet volume had these original speakers struggling and distorting the sound quite badly. Humph.

Anyway, not wishing to depart from anything OEM (aside from HEL braided brake lines) I purchased the following after stumbling upon them on E-bay:

I ordered two sets as front fits back, back fits front! Not cheep. Have no idea what they will be like, will report back with pics and my verdict.

Sorry I didn't make the Nationals at Cosford, house sale getting in the way! If I pull it off I'll be neighbours to the Grimsthorpe estate for their annual car show. Perhaps we can do something with the Register their...?

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Re: ICE - OEM Speakers

Post by mark1gls »

No way there expensive for a box with the words Scirocco on the box.
If you can cancel the order as you can buy them for just under £40 elsewhere but they don’t say Scirocco on the box…

I posted a link etc a couple of days ago.

I’ve got a set fitted to my Mk1 Golf (same door speaker set up)and they fit nicely and you can keep the original covers on. They do lack a little bass in the front but that’s down to the poor design of car audio in the 1980s

Link to the same speakers for less money. ... R_jMt5qoYg

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