RHD ROCCO offside steering gaiter

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RHD ROCCO offside steering gaiter

Post by Nuckleduster »

Hi All,
Haven`t been around for a while--got Covid b4 it became popular--pre March lockdown and have been fighting Long Covid since then.
After having Rocco`s for over 20+ years, I thought I had solved all problems. BUT inspecting my wife`s 89 Scala before MOT, I found the gaiter on the offside absolutely knackered.
Set about changing it--got old one off but cant get new one to slip over the Rack end Tried it dry and also greased--both dismal failures-or is it me?
--any words of wisdom would be helpfull as today I have taught my neighbours some new and very rude words trying to get the thing on. (mostly beginning with the letter F)
I had 2 gaiters in "stock", one had been got at by the mouse that my topcat had sorted out and the other one seemed the same size as the one I pulled off.
I`ve sent off for a new pair from B&B Components as there seems to be a difference in the size between N/S and O/S gaiters.
Best wishes
PS have been going through my Rocco spares and I may have a few things surplus to requirements--Indicators,speedos etc inc a DX block

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Re: RHD ROCCO offside steering gaiter

Post by mark1gls »

It might be to late for the answer but the track rod end needs to come off to fit the new boot, just loosen the locking nut a little and try not to move it to much so when you remove the track rod end you can wind in back on it the same place but probably worth getting the tracking check just in case.

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