1988 Mk 2 Scirocco GTX

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1988 Mk 2 Scirocco GTX

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1988 Scirocco 1.8 GTX single ohc , £1,700.00, Oban, Argyll.

Model: 1.8 GTX
Mileage:145,000 or thereabouts, speedometer was replaced with one showing a lower mileage.
MOT:Until April 2022
Current owner:Myself
V5 present:Yes
Location:Connel , Oban, Argyll PA37 1SP
Price: £1,700.00
Contact Details: Max on 01631710031 /07564910599
Additional Information: I have re built this car over the last 12 years. The following are new , this list is not exhaustive: alternator, distributor, coil, rear brake drum internals, hand brake cables, exhaust system, sump, radiator, front brake pads, all suspension, horn, track rod ends, ball joints, wishbones, indicator and windscreen wiper switches. The body kit has been removed and the sills replaced and strengthened. The original front seats were in a very poor state so have been replaced with seats from a Mk 2 Golf. This car runs, stops and starts well. It does need a complete re spray hence the price. There is also an assortment of parts to go with it such as window glass, headlamp parts and interior trim.

Pictures: having difficulty loading pictures onto this forum. If you 'phone and are interested then I can always send pics to you.