UD 2019

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UD 2019

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First outing of the new season in my Mk1 on Saturday and immediately a swimming pool thanks to the great British weather.

Because of this the other SciroccoRegister folk attending and I were busy cleaning for 3 hours :-o , simply amazing where the crap gets to, but then our Rocs were gleaming again next to the Mk1 Golf clubstand, and amidst an ocean of new (boring :-D ) metal.


Had a good few bevvies and a nice meal, talking Rocs, before we hit the opening of the show on Saturday, more beers, retired, and then on to the Sunday, the main day, when the halls were packed, and our Rocs getting a fair bit of love from the younger audience usually gravitating to the latest Lupo and co airride creations.

Freezing outdoors, so each time having taken a few pics rushed back indoor again to warm up :pilot:

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Re: UD 2019

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Chavtastic :-D