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Re: 1984 scirocco gl

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Well I thought as 3 1/2years since a update I best do one , in lock down the car was tested to new Gaz coilovers which I never really got on with to my surprise the ride quality never lived up to what I hoped , I think this was down to me running the car very low and Gaz coilovers designed more to be run higher.
Also I upgraded the stereo to one of them lovely retro looking modern blaupunkt ones with new speakers all round.
Come 2021 the car starts to be unreliable after years of cutting corners here or there ( my own fault) and having people ( with good intentions) working on the car but not knowing older cars that well , anyway I put up with it till start of 2022 I have one final mental breakdown over the car playing up it pushes me to contact rust republic to actually sort it out so the car is booked in for summer
In the lead up to the car going there I get a few nos parts out the garage ( including fuel filler neck small tank version) and buy some new bc coilovers ready for them to fit when they do the work )
So I get the car back end of July 2022 from rust republic and it drives so so so well again the work they have carried out is amazing ( I just had mechanical work done ) . The list of work was extensive from bushes to servicing , new filler neck to new fuel pipes anyway the bill was big but very very fair with Matt breaking down everything I can’t recommend them enough.
Anyway back to 2023 the car has only been lowered a little bit and is on stock wheels so drives a dream.
What next for the car ? I’m currently having an extension garage built so any car stuff on hold till that’s done. As for pink will I keep or sell , honestly I don’t know if someone wanted to give her a good home where they will love her like I have I’m all ears , otherwise it will be back to rust republic for a full resto …….. trouble is I do want a Porsche , who know what 2024 will bring , thank you again rust republic and everyone on the scirocco register you’ve made my first 12 years of ownership fun!

1984 vw scirocco gl finished in pink
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Re: 1984 scirocco gl

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Top people, those two in Nottingham.