The ideal wheels for racing/road?

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The ideal wheels for racing/road?

Post by jbo »

Hi All,

It's been many a many years from posting on here! I've still got the same rocco and will update my very old project thread ;-).

So, at the moment im running a set of 16" Borbet As (7.5J) on 205/45s but they rub the arches despite having them rolled. I'd like to go with 195/45s but I feel the offeset (unknown) will still rub.

I plan to track the car once it comes back so will scrap the Borbet's and go with something that will be track firendly.

I'm running 320mm brakes up front and mk4 setup on the rear so assume that 15s are my only choice? I'm thinking Passat G60 steels on 195/45s will be best. Does anyone know if these will fit with no adapters/spacers and be best for comfort/grip? I asssuem they are the correct ET38?


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Re: The ideal wheels for racing/road?

Post by essextom »

id go with 15's but not sure if they'd clear the brakes.