***WANTED*** - £500 REWARD - JGE 600Y

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Re: ***WANTED*** - £500 REWARD - JGE 600Y

Post by RussGLAuto » Thu Jan 13, 2022 1:14 am

She means a lot to me. First car, first GF, first.... well, you get the picture!

My dad helped me pay for her and he's no longer around. If you have an e-mail I have a 45 page document on the life and times of JGE600Y and JWC56Y. Happy to share it with you and you'll see why.

PM if interested.

Interesting slant you have, I do know a few ex bobbies in my line of work. Good call! Never thought of that.

If it comes up trumps... I'll give you a shout.



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