1989 Scirocco Scala £4,500 ono London SE9

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1989 Scirocco Scala £4,500 ono London SE9

Post by StuartD » Fri Nov 01, 2019 1:38 pm

Year: 1989
Mileage: 148,000
MOT: 26 April 2020
Current owner: Yes – since 3/17
V5 present: Yes
Location: London SE9
Price: £4,500 ono
Colour: Helios blue with Blue / red cloth interior.
Gearbox: Manual 5 speed
Contact Details: Stuart 07825 066293
Additional Information: I acquired this car early in 2017. A school friend had owned and used it as his only car since 2004. But, living in London, in recent years he’d hardly used it and it was languishing with a flat battery, seized brakes, sticky fuel, loads of small dents (and a couple of nastier ones) and a fair bit of green mould sprouting from the trim! The MOT, tax and insurance were all about to fall due and he was minded to scrap it! Although I hadn’t seen the car recently, I refused to believe it was that bad and urged him to keep it on the road and told him he mustn’t scrap it. I ended up taking it on to renovate/restore, really to prove that it could be done!
After getting it recovered, unseizing the brakes, flushing out the fuel tank, replacing the battery and giving it a good look over I presented it for an MOT. The testing station reported that it was solid underneath and had passed! What then followed was a programme of restoration, highlights of which include:
• new battery
• new Bosch brake discs and Brembo pads at the front
• bilstein B4 gas damper front and rear
• eibach Springs front and rear
• the all important Cam belt service
• replacement of the gear linkage bushes open (the change is now super slick)
• a new petrol tank
• new fuel lift pump , high pressure fuel pump and fuel filter
• 2 new injectors
• new fuse box and tachimetric relay
• a new starter motor
• new clutch cable
• refurbishment of the glorious snowflake alloys involving laser cutting
• new front windscreen and seal
• numerous dent repairs which were a combination of the magic spoons and more traditional sand down, fill and respray in particular the offside wing has been resprayed together with the valance, bonnet and area around the near-side door handle (which had been dented years previously following an attempted break in)
• new door window seals
• new wipers and blades
• refurbishment of the sunroof mechanism involving replacement of the winder guide on one side and fitment of a new sunroof seal
• replacement of the roof lining
• repair of the driver seat bolster and replacement of the back panel refurbishment of the rear parcel shelf, Including brass fittings from dreadnought (forum members and regular visitors to the annual meet will know what I mean)
• New bonnet lining
• upgraded headlight bulbs
• a new stainless steel rear exhaust box with twin exhausts (which is fruitier than standard but not intrusive – and looks much better)
• New interior mats and rubber overmats.
• a new head unit (radio /CD with USB input) and four upgraded speakers.
The fuel pumps, injectors and new fuse box & relay were fitted to cure some rough running and reluctance to start. The lift pump is noisier than I would hope but works fine.
On the ‘To Do’ list there's not much at all but it would benefit from
• a new tailgate seal - it lets some water into the boot in very heavy rain
• a new inner seal around the driver's door.
• Some of the suspension rubbers could be replaced (or changed to polybushes) but there’s no obvious play or issue at the moment.

I’d also think about oiling the right bit of the ventilation blower (it’s noisy), treating the crack in the dash and some tinkering with the front bumper at the offside quarter as it’s not quite right.

It's amazing how the costs add up as I've spent over £5,300 (nicely summarised ona spreadsheet and in a file!) on it in the last couple of years and I know it's not worth quite that much, at least not yet! It's not in concourse condition but it really is very good all round and totally unmolested - originality has been preserved.

So if you are looking for a decent Rocco, with the desirable 1.8 fuel injection engine which easily keeps up with modern day traffic and is brilliant fun to drive , that could be used for shows and meets or as a daily driver (I’ve used it for both and some may have seen it at the forum meets – the wheels in particular always get admiring comments!), and with a small fortune already spent and not much more to do, then this could be the car for you.

I’ve got a few extra items (such as the brochure when new) and a history file that starts from the 20,000 mile service in 1992, as well as a few spares (including a new heater unit).
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Re: 1989 Scirocco Scala £4,500 ono London SE9

Post by StuartD » Tue Nov 05, 2019 4:40 pm

More pictures at:

or ring me on 07825 066293