First drive in the GTii

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First drive in the GTii

Post by h11poc » Sat Jul 10, 2021 7:47 pm

So , finally the GTii passed it's MOT and after a quick online taxing I was ready to take to the road. Eventful at the very least I will say. The fuel feed was not connected to the little plastic bracket so it ribbed on the alternator which tore a huge hole in it . Luckily the carb sucks fuel so I didn't get a pool of fuel until I stopped !! Close shave on the first drive. After purchasing and installing a new fuel hose and securing it I felt confident !!" Well, I wondered why the battery light was on and also with rain lashing down the wipers , headlights and windscreen demist on I noticed the power was completely off !! We made it home with steam pouring from the bonnet.. Just a hose i thought so i left it until this morning... The FAN BELT was gone.. there was no fan belt... How I managed to not damage the engine I will never know. I think the great Scirocco god in the sky likes me !!

Today I got the an belt, the new expansion tank hose that was emitting steam like a fire extinguisher, reset all the timing and mixture and did the coolant checks etc and went for drive three !! Absolute bliss !! perfect. Car sounds awesome and I was back in the late 80's / Early 90's. I gave it a good run and everything performed well. No fuel leaks,. no water leaks, no overheating... just fun !!

It's a one sided love affair but well worth it .