Volkswagen Scirocco 1.8 GT2 MK2 1989 £1750ono

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Volkswagen Scirocco 1.8 GT2 MK2 1989 £1750ono

Post by DMW » Thu May 30, 2019 8:17 pm

Volkswagen Scirocco 1.8 GT2 MK2 1989, Broadstairs, Kent

Model: MK2 GT2 1.8 Auto
Year: 1989
Mileage: 98,412
1 year MOT: Until 28/05/2020
Current owner: Yes
V5 present: Yes
Location: Broadstairs, Kent
Price: £1750
Contact Details: 07590230028

Please see link for more pictures: Image and instagram: dwscirocco

Hello - thank you for looking at my 1989 Scirocco 1.8 GT2 - It is by no means a show car however a lot of mechanical work has been undertaken over the last two months to get it back on the road and the car passed the MOT today (29.05.2019) I have receipts for all work undertaken and parts brought. The car has 98,412 on the clock.

Over the last two months I have spent many hours myself completing minor works these are:

New upgraded Brembo brake pads and discs - I have done 5 miles in them!

New Spark Plugs

New Bosch fuel filter

New BBT ignition leads

New BERU distributor cap

I have installed a new sunroof sill and a second hand dashboard as the car originally came with a cracked one.

The car then went for its MOT but failed on the back breaking system, this has all been overhauled by the garage with many new parts (see photo of recent works totalling £545).

It also needed a new handbrake cable as well as other bits as you will see and the result is that this is one of very few MK2 Scirocco’s on the road today.

So the bad bits and the typical cliche:

As mentioned this is not a show car... the pictures look ok but I would recommend a viewing before you buy to ensure you are happy.

On most panels (not all) there are either tiny 5p paintwork bubbles - some larger rust (not disastrous, but they are there) patches and one average attempt at repairing one on the drivers door prior to my ownership. There is also an old vinyl that I am in the process of trying to remove over the fuel cap! I am getting there!! I also need to reconnect the electric windows which I will do this weekend. Prior to my ownership and the instillation of the new sunroof sill someone very kindly “duck” tapped the sunroof shut - again I am in the process of getting all the glue/remains off. Lastly and most annoyingly prior to my ownership it appears someone has stood on the bonnet - you can fetch a new one on eBay for £50/£100 tops if it’s mint. Other than that the car is good to go!

I will carry on tidying up the bodywork as mentioned and keeping it clean and running around town whilst it is for sale.

I have two original keys both with CLIFFORD alarm/immobiliser fobs also - I have the V5, an original Haynes manual, amongst other small items that I have collected along the way: (original sales brochure etc) the car is ready to go and is sold as seen.

The old cliche means that another project forces the sale!

I have a running photo collection on Instagram username: dwscirocco

Any questions please fire away - a visit is always welcome I am located in Broadstairs, Kent.

Thank you