Valve Cover Removal

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Valve Cover Removal

Post by WreckTangle » Fri Nov 20, 2020 2:31 pm

I am planning to replace my valve cover seal as it is leaking above number 4 cylinder. I have got a replacement cork gasket kit and some RTV to seal the corners where the separate plastic parts go.

It is obviously necessary to remove the front part of the airbox. I shall be doing this anyway to replace the carburettor. What is not obvious to me (and I can find no reference anywhere) is whether it is necessary to remove any of the timing belt cover. Mine has a plastic timing belt cover the back part of which appears to bolt down on top of the valve cover. Once the bolts are undone is there enough room to remove the valve cover with the timing cover still in situ? If not, does that part come out without needing to remove the timing belt?

I know this might seem a trivial question but I am reluctant to make a start on this job and find it gets rapidly more complicated. Thanks.

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Re: Valve Cover Removal

Post by GT_II » Fri Nov 20, 2020 6:48 pm

You're probably better off removing the upper part of the outer timing belt cover first - it should ease out upwards once you've undone the two clips. As you've spotted, the inner part of the timing belt cover is sandwiched between the valve cover nuts and the valve cover, so that will lift out easily once the outer belt cover upper part and nuts are removed. When you put the outer upper belt cover back at the end, make sure it engages correctly across its bottom edge with the lower part of the cover as well as the inner cover before securing the clips.