MK2 Scirocco/ Mk1 Golf Parts

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MK2 Scirocco/ Mk1 Golf Parts

Post by Mk2_phil » Mon Jun 03, 2019 4:34 pm

I'm having a sort out, the Scirocco went a year or so ago, so the parts are now surplus.
Some used, some new, some things probably now hard to find. Collection only as I will be moving very shortly and I already have too many boxes and packing material, and not enough time to post!
My vehicle was a 1.6 GT petrol so most parts unless otherwise stated were purchased for that.

Items located near Cannock, Staffordshire, just off the M6.
  • Ignition Coil - USED - Bosch - was working fine when removed as I found out when replacing the part trying to fix a starting issue. £10.
  • Front exhaust pipe mounting kit (friction ring and c clamps) - NEW - £5.
  • Turn Signals/Side repeaters (orange) - USED - good condition. £5.
  • Hazard Switch - NEW - Comes in packaging Topran Brand. £5.
  • 83-92 Golf/Jetta Light switch with Dimmer - NEW - £5.
  • Brake Shoes only - NEW - Meyle Brand - Unopened £10.
  • Brake Shoe fitting Kit - NEW - Febi Bilstein brand - Unopened £10

Also, I have a random box of things too good to throw away, but unsure of the condition, so selling the whole box for £50 including:

  • 4T Gearbox housing + 'bits' Most of the parts are the I believe, but I stripped it ready to swap the 5th into a short-ratio box, but instead I liked to short-ratio 5th. The box was working prior to stripping and I believe I still have everything (I think) so If someone is committed to putting it back together or using for a project, then you can get this 'eco' box for virtually nothing... ImageImage
  • 100mm Mk3 Golf output flanges.
  • Scirocco Grille (no badge).
  • Used Fuel Pump.
  • 2x Fog lights, 1 is heavily damaged but the housing is still usable.
  • Intake Manifold with pre-heater.
  • Expansion tank cap.
  • Front Door Speakers and covers
  • Rear Engine Mount.
  • Original car jack.
  • Distributor ring?
  • Heater control
  • 2x Used swirl pots
  • Brand new 4T gearbox gasket.
  • 2x Horn Pushbuttons
  • 1x Top strut mount cover
  • Rear license plate plastic mounting piece?
  • 1x Mk1 golf/early scirocco Single wiper motor assembly.
  • Mk1 Golf/Mk2 Sci Rubber bonnet bump stops
I'm open to offers for someone to take the whole collection of random bits and bobs away as It will get skipped when we move and it seems a shame.
Again, collection only on everything as I don't have the time/space to post, unfortunately.

Message me and we can chat.


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Re: MK2 Scirocco/ Mk1 Golf Parts

Post by scirocco_ne » Fri Jun 07, 2019 11:50 am

Are the front door speaks decent buddy? If so how much are you after?

Im sick of our crackle boxes now and haven't had enough spare for a brand new set haha