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Post by GTXTRA » Sun Nov 19, 2017 9:20 pm


Model: MK1 GTI
Year: 1981
Mileage: 120,020 - I've done about 4000 miles since car went on road in 2013
MOT: yes - 19/07/2018
Current owner: yes
V5 present: yes
Location: South London
Price: £5,000 ono
Contact Details: via here or email or on FB if you know me.

OK - This car is VERY FULLY documented in this project thread. ... 19&t=18824

In a nutshell it's a Mk1 with all new metalwork below the surface - inner wings, inner arches, wheel wells, bumper mounts - and all new running gear - wishbones etc, bushing, brakes, fuel, - as at 2013 when i collected it from Rust Republic.

It's an 81 GTI that somehow survived the ravages of a scene messer and was rescued to the sanity of RR in 2008. It became the car where Ant mastered the dark arts of cutting, welding, fabricating and prep. I sent whatever new parts he said he needed at particular stages and, since it went on the road, Tim at the Phirm has spent a LOT of time getting it running 'just so' re electrics, fueling, timing.

Good points.

VERY strong 1.6 EG spec engine with a twist - see thread, The Phirm rate this as one of quickest 1.6 early cars they've ever had in the workshop. New larger capacity sump and caddy windage tray fitted a month ago.

No welding required. It's truly rock solid and has flown through every MOT since recommissioning.

All new engine mounts in last six weeks.

All new fuel tank, pump, pump mount, lines, brake lines fitted in 2013, good filler neck.

New clutch 2013.

New loom handmade by the Phirm in 2016 - car runs a mk2 fusebox - everything electical works.

New headlamp upgrade loom - made by Petegli, fitted 2016

Toad immobiliser - with warning light neatly located in dash board/clocks

New carpets and sound proofing - 2013 build

Powerflex bushes all round during 2013 build

Jetex exhaust.

Bad points.

My intention has always been to take it back to RR for a proper paint job - this coat of cellulose only went on to cover the restored and primed shell. It's a 20 footer but intention was never to create a trailor queen show pony.

The offside sill, has a small kink, the only carryover from previous bodges was due to be replaced at that time - new sill from VW classic parts comes with the car.

Windscreen seal/trim - I'll be reseating this before sale

Sunroof - the worst aspect of the car - again a brand new in box glass sunroof to fit apeture will come with the car.


Seats from a silver 81gti, in black but the correct pattern - drivers seat would benefit from new foam to replace the horse hair innards.

Door cards from a gli - includes front speakers, all in working order.

The door capping vinyl didn't survive previous life - I was going to go bare painted metal or can supply a sheet of good quality black vinyl. Or you can get a tailored set from Newtons.

Roof - lining - grubby but complete - Ant knows where to get new ones from.

No boot light/heated rear window.

In summary....what you're getting - a fully sorted, jump in and blast away MK1 GTI with no structural rot, a great engine and fresh running gear.

Car will come with a set of nine-spoke tarnatula rims on fresh rubber.

I will be removing the following items:

ATS Type 5's
Momo steering wheel
Clear front indicators - orange ones being sourced
Rear lights - were NOS, I've sourced a replacement set
K Bar
Stereo and rear speaker box, wiring
Fully Adjustable coilovers - a good set of AP height adjustables will be fitted before sale
VW Motorsport gearknob
Dashboard - will be swapping between the new and old cars, will get pics as soon as possible, a few cracks
Black instrument panel surround will be swapped back to factory fit finish
Storm spec rear arch boot carpets
Rain tray - on the look out for a replacement

In terms of selling - I want to do the changes first, this is unlikely to complete before Christmas realistically.
So - a few weeks for people to think about it and get over to see the car here at home or when it's down at the Phirm in Blackwater for the switchover.

Other history - I have all the invoices from the Phirm to reflect the amount of time and cash put into this brilliant little car.

I also, sadly, have a spreadsheet on all the cars... here's the Mk1's broken down..

item, mileage last changed, date last changed

accumulator 116206 1-Feb-2013
alternator 116206 1-Feb-2013
battery 119000 1-Feb-2016
brake bottle 116206 1-Mar-2013
brake fluid 119708 7-Jul-2017
brake hoses 116206 1-Feb-2013
brake pads 116206 1-Feb-2013
bulkhead panel 116206 1-Feb-2013
cambelt and tensioner 119708 7-Jul-2017
camshaft - kent cam 118000 10-Oct-2014
clutch 116206 1-Feb-2013
clutch cable 116477 5-Aug-2013
coolant 119708 7-Jul-2017
coolant flange 116206 1-Feb-2013
core plugs 116206 1-Feb-2013
cv boots inner and outer 119846 16-Sep-2017
cylinder head gasket 116206 1-Feb-2013
distributor 116969 21-Dec-2013
dizzy cap and rotor 119708 7-Jul-2017
engine mounts 119953 7-Oct-2017
front bearings 116206 1-Feb-2013
front brake discs 116206 1-Feb-2013
front calipers 116206 1-Feb-2013
fuel filter 119708 7-Jul-2017
fuel pump 116206 1-Feb-2013
fuel tank 116206 1-Feb-2013
gearbox oil 119846 16-Sep-2017
handbrake switch 116969 21-Dec-2013
injector seals 116206 1-Feb-2013
injectors 117417 10-May-2014
k and n air filter 116206 1-Mar-2013
oil cap vw 5-Nov-2017
oil change 119708 7-Jul-2017
oil cooler 116206 1-Feb-2013
oil filter 119708 7-Jul-2017
oil pump 116206 1-Feb-2013
plug leads - magnecor - 117000 1-Mar-2014
radiator 116206 1-Mar-2013
rear bearings 116206 1-Feb-2013
rear bushes 116206 1-Feb-2013
rear shoes 116206 1-Feb-2013
rocker gasket 119708 7-Jul-2017
spark plugs 119708 7-Jul-2017
speedo cable 116206 1-Feb-2013
starter motor 116206 1-Feb-2013
nsf steering rack gaitor 116206 1-Feb-2013
osf steering rack gaitor 119846 16-Sep-2017
sump and baffle tray 119953 7-Oct-2017
sump gasket 119953 7-Oct-2017
tappets 116206 1-Feb-2013
top mounts 116206 1-Feb-2013
track rod ends 116206 1-Feb-2013
valves and guides 116206 1-Feb-2013
water pump 116206 1-Feb-2013

Cheers - other pics to follow but the project thread is the best place to start tbh.

Will be advertised via the FB pages and maybe E38/Club GTI... but I will be avoiding Ebay.


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