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Roadstr App

Post by Jack92 » Sat May 02, 2020 9:50 pm

Hey guys,

(If this is out of place or not allowed please let me know guys and I’ll take it down)

I’m an ambassador for Roadstr which is basically an app aimed at car minded people which works a little like Facebook/instagram. But also allows you to find meets nearby and share drives.

Anyway this post isn’t to sell it as that’s not my aim. It’s to let anyone know who are already signed up I’ve made a group for the register:

Check out the group Scirocco Register on RoadStr!

I hope this is okay with everyone and if not please let me know and I can remove it, alternatively if any of the admins are on Roadstr please let me know and I’ll make you an admin of the group on there.

Thanks guys, stay safe!

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