Servo non return valve

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Servo non return valve

Post by james butler » Fri Mar 13, 2020 3:54 pm

My mk2 Rocco has been playing up when I put my foot on the brake when idling.
Turns out my non return valve in the servo vac pipe is broken, so allows flows both ways.
This causes bad air leak symptoms especially at idle and if left untreated can result in air fuel mix being drawn into the servo from the manifold under full throttle.
This happened to me and I had to poor a funny looking goop out of it.
So Long and short of it is I needed a new servo non return valve.
Looked on eBay and saw scene tax priced old as the hills spares. No way!
So popped down to my local tat yard and pulled one from a mk3 golf, some spare rubber hosing and picked up a weighted gear linkage for a hefty £2 Image
So pulled the old one to bits to get the plastic connectors out and ended up damaging the plastic cheapy connecting pipe!
Oh dear.
So I’ve ended up recycling the hot pipe from a washing machine that’s well reinforced and good for 120 degrees.
For good measure I’ve put a spring inside that’s bigger than the Id of the connectors so my pipe cannot collapse on itself under vaccuum.
Lastly I got a 90 degree connector from a mk5 golf to better direct the pipe towards the inlet manifold for a cleaner look.
So far I’ve been robbed £3 for all the parts.
I will take a pic of it fitted but im sure you get the idea.
Don’t get done people, there are cheap GENUINE parts out there for next to nothing.
Plus it’s recycling ain’t it lolImage

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